Whether you are a touring cyclist or a mountain biker, our roads 和 trails will supply new challenges!


A major tour bike route through Greenlee County is the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier (Section 2) Route. 这 segment is all on US Highway 70 (The 老西部 Highway) traveling east-west 穿过县的南部. 这一段都是沙漠,除了 the few miles that goes through the Gila River valley 和 邓肯, AZ.  有关更多信息,请参阅: http://www.adventurecycling.org/routes-and-maps/adventure-cycling-route-network/southern-tier/, 和 http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o = 1,&page_id = 145759&v = LY.

Other biking trips branch off from US Highway 70.

其中之一就是维登环线. 从亚利桑那州邓肯开始旅行 southeast on Highway 70 a few miles into 新墨西哥 until the NM Hwy 92 结. Take Hwy 92 (aka Virden Road) to loop back through Virden, NM 和 然后回到邓肯身边. 这 is a pleasant 26 mile trip through river valley, high desert, 和 farm l和 with only one steep climb.  参见维登环线路线图.

另一种流行的 route is the ride to Black Jack 营地 (和 back). 这是比较难的 route that has a significant climb the last few miles up to Black Jack 营地. Be sure to take water with you because Black Jack is a dry campground, although it is in a pine 为est above the desert. 把亚利桑那州 Highway 75 out of 邓肯 traveling north-northwest until you reach Three-Way. Then turn right onto Arizona Highway 78 和 follow that to the campground.

第三种选择是 to ride the Ward Canyon Road that starts just as you enter the south side of 克利夫顿. Exit west off Coronado Boulevard (US 191), near MP 162. 这条路 immediately U-turns under the US 191 overpass to head east up the canyon. 这 route is only a little over 3 miles, but the incline, curves, rock 为mations, 风景让这趟旅程令人难忘. 你可以 make a loop by continuing on Ward 峡谷路至天际线观景路. 右转,继续走191号国道. 向右转 再骑回克利夫顿. (Be aware that there is no shoulder on US 191 coming down Smelter Hill into 克利夫顿, 和 there are times of moderately high 交通和重型卡车.)

The ultimate option is to ride AZ Highway 75 to Three-Way, but continue straight at the intersection intercepting US Highway 191. 这是 科罗纳多步道国家风景小道. 大约8英里后,你可以在任何一个地方停车 克利夫顿 or Morenci, AZ, but from there no services exist 为 69 miles until you 到达汉纳根草地小屋. 然而,有许多野餐和 沿着高速公路的露营地 户外探险 > 风景优美的小道 > 科罗纳多步道国家风景小道). 这条路线是一个真正的挑战 和承诺. From 克利夫顿, at 3,000 ft, you will climb to over 9,000 ft at Hannagan草地. Be aware that there is little shoulder to use on most of this 道路,但车辆稀少. 也, there is a lot of wildlife that may be 沿着(或在)路上. One also might consider starting In Alpine, AZ (about 20 miles beyond Hannagan草地) 和 riding this trail from the top down.  还看到:    http://www.azbikeped.org/downloads/DOT-Cycle-Arizona-Bicycle-User-Map-1.pdf

http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o = 1,&page_id = 463176&v=8X

http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o = 1,&page_id = 463286&v=8E

http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o = 1,&page_id = 270045&v=82

http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o = 1,&page_id = 270046&v=7g


许多森林 roads 和 biking trails throughout Greenlee County will provide excellent 骑自行车探险!

如果你是 in the 克利夫顿/Morenci area, try the Kiko Walk 和 Bike Trail between the two towns that is maintained by Freeport McMoran, Inc. 那家铜公司 拥有Morenci). The trail used to be a railroad bed to the Morenci mine. 你可以 find the trailhead traveling north on US 191 in 克利夫顿 by taking the first available left after crossing the San Francisco River bridge (Riverside Dr.), climb up the hill 和 take a left on Shannon Rd. 大约四分之三英里外,找 铜绿大道在右边. 关于0.沿着铜佛得角走六英里 turnout on the right to the parking lot 和 trailhead.

The 布莱克山偏僻小路 also lends itself to a 21 mile dirt bike/mountain bike experience during which you can travel desert, riparian, 和 mountain environments! (也看到 户外探险 > 风景优美的小道 > Black Hills Backcounty次要的 了解更多信息.)

Numerous biking trails exist along the Coronado Trail (US 191) between 克利夫顿, AZ 和 Alpine, AZ. 这些包括:









Hot Air Trail #15





Crabtree Trail 22号




马蹄Cienega / Hannagan 草地环线#4

cell Lee环路24号

看到 户外 Adventures > 风景优美的小道 > 科罗纳多步道国家风景小道 为 more in为mation about how to find these trails.  还看到:  http://www.singletracks.com/Arizona-bike-trails_4.html

当地骑自行车的人使用Strava. (http://www.strava.com 你也许可以 to access their routes 和 stories there.

Carlisle 矿业 District Area – Cyclists looking 为 a dirt road challenge may be interested in the Carlisle Road heading northeast toward Steeple Rock off AZ 75 in North 邓肯.


Greenlee County welcomes thous和s of motorcycles throughout our almost year-long riding season. 运行传奇 Coronado Trail Scenic Highway (US 191), aka “The Devil’s Highway” (Old Route 666). Get inspired with hundreds of hairpin turns 和 switchbacks. 科罗纳多小道 leads travelers from high desert l和scapes to evergreen 为ests (or vice versa), so the views are ever-changing 和 as beautiful as they are varied. 考虑 制作“循环”.” Start in 克利夫顿 和 head north on the Trail 去亚利桑那州的阿尔卑斯. 向右转 on US 180 which loops back around south through 新墨西哥. Turn on Hwy 78 toward Mule Creek 和 continue through mountains 和 从岔道走到三人行.  At Three-Way turn right on US 191 back to 克利夫顿. (或者反过来.) 住宿, camping, 和 RV sites are available throughout the county.

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