Owl Creek Campground

Owl Creek Campground is a RV retreat atop a scenic bluff overlooking the Joe Subia Bridge and the Gila River. It is only about 5 miles from the US 191 MP entry point on US 191. Enjoy the comforts of camp after a day of exploring the Gila Box RNCA. This developed campground is dry (bring your own water), but includes picnic tables, grills, shade ramadas and restroom facilities. Fee required for use of each one of the seven campsites available.
The Joe Subia Bridge Gateway to the Gila Box RNCA includes the Gila River Boat Launch — the starting point for an easy-to-moderate Gila River floating exploration adventure. Designated picnic sites are equipped with all you need to enjoy the banks of the Gila River. Floating the conservation area requires a BLM permit.
An old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp, just a few miles past the RNCA, housed laborers who built many miles of rock berms called “spreader dikes” to control erosion. Many campsites of the CCC, and their hard, necessary work in the 1930’s can be found scattered all over Greenlee County. The old jail housed prisoners in transit along the Old Safford Road. Arizona’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) kiosks are an informative source while traveling the Black Hills Byway.
Guthrie Peak, with an elevation of 6,571 feet, is the area’s highpoint. Hiking or horseback riding trails to the summit provide enjoyable and challenging explorations of the Black Hills recreation area.